Group SF4, State Key Laboratory for Surface Physics
Atomic-level Control and Quantum Effects of Low-dimensional Nanostructures

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Our new reaesrch progress on Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect (2013.03.15)

Prof. Xucun Ma won Chinese Female Young Scientist Award (2012.12.12)

Our new research progress on FeSe thin film (2012.10.22)

Our new research progress on graphene (2012.09.03)


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  Growth and understanding of novel properties of low dimensional nanostructures are one of the most exciting research areas in condensed matter physics. This is driven by their great potential technological applications and scientific significance to bridge our understanding between atom/molecule and condensed matter physics. The beneficial structural, electronic, optical, magnetic and chemical properties of low dimensional nanostructures can be applied in many fields, for examples, catalysis, optical and electronic devices, ultrahigh-density magnetic recording, quantum computing, spintronics and so on.

  The group has gained much experience in growing various low dimensional nanostructures with atomic-level control by using MBE. In the coming years, we will continue to make use of our expertise in growth, and prepare uniform quantized metal films and topological insulator materials. By STM, ARPES, LEED/RHEED and transport measurement, we are going to study the atomic structure, electronic structure, physical properties, and in particular quantum size effects and novel topological phenomena in these materials.
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