2024.4 Our research wrok with the title of "Transparent conducting TiO2 thin film induced by electric-field controlled hydrogen ion intercalation" was accepted by Advanced Electronic Materials, in which the fascinating transparent conducting property in anatase TiO2 thin film by ionic gating was realized. We reveal that it is the hydrogen ion instead of oxygen vacancy that dominates the gating process and the finally formed transparent and conductive properties. Congratulation to Yuqian!




2024.2 Our research wrok with the title of "Freestanding Crystalline β‑Ga2O3 Flexible Membrane Obtained via Lattice Epitaxy Engineering for High-Performance Optoelectronic Device" was published on ACS Nano, in which high-quality crystalline flexible β-Ga2O3 membranes and photodetector devices were obtained and fabricated. Congratulation to Chao and Mengcheng!





2023.10 Take a rest at spare time.





2023.10 Carry out XAS measurements at 4B9B beam line of BSRF.




Prof. Cao’s books were published.




2023.8 Have a dinner of our group.




2023.3 Our research wrok with the title of "Unveiling strong ion-electron-lattice coupling and electronic antidoping in hydrogenated perovskite nickelate" was accepted by Advanced Materials, in which ion-electron-lattice couplings in correlated materials at atomic scale and electronic band structure are unveiled. The results provide direct evidences for a strong ion-electron-lattice coupling in correlated physics and exhibit its potential applications in designing novel materials and devices. Congratulation to Lei Gao!


2023.1 Our piezo response force microscopy (PFM) was installed, which can on-situ/in-situ probes and modulates the various microscopic physical properties variation and phase transitions for the ionic gating research. Wish the good results.


2022.12 Our research wrok with the title of "Enhanced low-temperature proton conductivity in hydrogen-intercalated brownmillerite oxide" was published in Nat. Energy, in which based on the previous ionic liquid gating work we design a new type of proton electrolyte that can work at low temperature range and meanwhile have high proton conductivity. Our results open the possibility of using solid oxide materials as the proton-conducting electrolytes in low-temperature devices.


2022.11 Have a dinner of our group.




2022.10 Installation of the electronic transport equipment was finished, which can be used to in-situ modulate and characterize the electronic and magnetism properties of the thin films. It is a powerful tool for us to carry out the ionic gating related research. Wish the good experimental results. 


2022.4 Our research wrok with the title of "A generic sacrifical layer for wide-range freestanding oxides with modulated magnetic anistropy" was accepted by Adv. Funct. Mater., which introduces a new sacrifical layer of SrCoO2.5 that has a simple crystalline structure, can adapt to various epitaxial strain and orientations, and is soluble in many eco-friendly solutions. This result offers an excellent opportunity to explore novel functionalities in freestanding complex oxides.



2022.4 Installation of the X-ray diffraction (XRD) equipment was finished, which can be used to characterize structures of the as-grown thin films, or to help monitor the in-situ ionic modulation for various correlated and functional materials (thin film or bulk form). It is a powerful tool for us to carry out the cutting-edge ionic regulating related scientific research. Wish the good experimental data. 



2021.7 Our cooperative work with the topic of electric-field controlled structure transition in SrFeOx was published on Chem. Mater, in which the in-situ phase transformation at atomic level from brownmillerite SrFeO2.5 to the new structure of infinite layer SrFeO2 can be realized by electric-field at room temperature. This work clarifies the microscopic atomic processes of the oxygen polyhedral rearrangement, oxide ion migration, and offers a new pathway to obtain designed structural materials with specific functionality. Congratulation to Lei Gao!



2021.7 Our newly-designed and home-made Laser MBE equipped with RHEED and with laser heating (up to 1000 oC) is ready now, wish the high crystal quality thin film samples and good experimental data. Now, we have one Laser MBE chamber and two PLD chambers for oxide thin film growth. 



2021.7 Recently, our works on the ionic gating mechanism in oxides was published on J. Phys.: Condens. Matt., and Prof. Nianpeng Lu is awarded the title of "Emerging Leaders 2020" by this journal. Through controlling gating experiment by design, we find out that the collaborative interaction between charge transport and ion diffusion plays an essential role to prompt the hydrogen or oxygen ions incorporate into the crystal lattice of SrCoO2.5, and therefore leading to formation of new phases. This result unveils the underlying mechanism in the electric-field control of ionic incorporation and extraction, and therefore provides important strategy to achieve high efficient design of material functionalities in complex oxide materials.

2020.12 Group photo of our Lab. 



2020.12 Working in the Lab.



2020.12 Have a fun at spare time. 


2020.11 A group photo of our Lab.


2020.9 Welcome Mingtong Zhu to join our group as Ph.D student. Mingtong graduated from Dalian University of Technology, and he will focus on emergent oxide material research. Good luck for Mingtong!


2019.11 After the annual academic meeting of the Surface Physics Laboratory at the Yanqi Lake campus of UCAS, we take a short break.

2019.11 Prof. Katsuo Tsukamoto from Tohoku University visited our Lab, and gave a talk on "Recent Progress on In-Situ Observations of Crystal Growth from Liquids at Atomic Level".

2019.9 Prof. Cao's book <<惊艳一击——数理史上的绝妙证明>> was published, welcome to take a look!


2019.9 Welcome Xiaokun Chen and Xiangyu Lyu to join our group. Xiaokun graduated from Hefei University of Technology and Xiangyu graduated from Nankai University. They will continue as Ph.D. students in our group on oxide materials. Good luck for both of them!


2019.8 Prof. Yang Chai from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University visited our Lab, and gave a talk on “Multifunctional Electronic Devices Based on Transition Metal Oxide ”.


2019.7 Welcome Zhanfen Chen as a joint student from Zhejiang Sci&Tech University to join our group, and his research will focus on functional oxide materails. Good luck to Zhanfen!


2019.5 After a few months' hard working, our new materials synthesis platform with two pulsed laser deposition (PLD) systems and off-axial sputtering systems for epitaxial growth of oxide thin films is ready now. 



Prof. Cao’s books <<物理学咬文嚼字—ETYMOΛOΓIKON  FÜR PHYSICA LEARNERS CHINOISES>> were published, which include four volumes and 100 articles that cover the basic concepts of physics.