Dear Sir and Madam: 
    You're welcome to visit the webpage of Group SF03, Institute of Physics. This group was established at beginning of the year 2000 by Dr. Cao Zexian, following the advent of the new century. The group is small and young, therefore it provides Liberté, Equalité et Fraternité to every its members, being a housing of intimate atmosphere for knowledge-hunters. As you may speculate and we've since long realized, we need your kind support and help to manipulate the career in future. Ambitious young scientists are welcome to join us, and talented students welcome to earn your PhD title here. Guests and friends are heartedly welcome to drop in for a coffee break, to let us share your friendship and know-how over whatever a topic. 

       欢迎访问中国科学院物理研究所SF03组网页。SF03组由曹则贤博士于2000年初建立,有幸沐浴到新世纪的第一缕曙光。这是一个年轻的、小规模的课题组,因此能让她的每一个成员享受到自由平等与手足般的情谊,能给追求知识的人们提供一个轻松的氛围。正如您能想见而我们一直感受到的那样,我们需要您的关爱与支持,为了我们能前行每一小步。 欢迎年轻有抱负的科学家加入我们的队伍,欢迎有天赋的年轻人来这里圆自己的博士梦.我们真诚欢迎来自世界各地的科学家到此小憩片刻, 让我们得以聆听教诲, 分享您的友谊与博学. 

   Yours Sincerely 
   Current members of group SF03