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STM-based techniques and systems

We are interested in developing new techniques and systems based on scanning tunneling microscope. We have made significant progress in designing our own ultralow temperaure STM, which works very well as compared with commercial systems. We are heading for more powerful techniques and systems, such as mili-K and high magnetic field STM, in-situ transport measurements and optical STM.

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Topological insulators

Topological insulators (TI) emerged as a hot topic since 2008, due to the topologically protected, helical Dirac surface state which introduces many fantastic properties. We had been the first to report the MBE growth of thin TI single crystal films, and gate tuned transport properties. The research in this direction is moving on.

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Silicene, a sheet of Si atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice analogous to graphene, does not exist in nature but has been theoretically predicted for a long history. In year 2011 our group and a few others successfully produced silicene on metal and semiconductor surfaces. We reported a series of intriguing physics observed in this one layer system, and many more are coming.

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New layer materials

Many semiconductor and insulator materials are layer compounds. These systems exhibit two dimensional electronic properties and rich quantum phenomena. Surprisingly many of them had not been carefully studied in atomic level so far.

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