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Surface is beautiful!

Welcome to Prof. Kehui Wu's reserach group in the Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. We are a surface physics group, and we are interested in the atomic level preparation of surface and 2D materials, and the study by scanning tunneling microscopy/ spectroscopy, and other surface-sensitive techniques such as HREELS and PES.

The broken symmetry on surfaces brings rich physical and chemical properties for fundamental research, as well as oppotunities for applications. There are also emerging new materials, e.g., oxide interfaces, graphene, 3D topological insulators, silicene, bringing us rich physics to explore at the atomic level via combing MBE and STM/STS.

We love UHV. We have built by our own several UHV systems combining MBE, low temperature STM/STS, in-situ transport measurements, integrated optical measurements, and so on. Developing new types of UHV systems is full of fun and provides us new research oppotunities.

We welcome young researchers and students to join us for a fantastic research career.


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