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Curriculum Vitae

未标题-1 拷贝小

Kehui Wu, Professor
State key laboratory for surface physics,
Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Beijing 100080, China P. R.
Tel: +86-10-8264-8130; FAX: +86-10-8264-9228
Email: khwu@iphy.ac.cn

Personal data:
Date of birth: Oct. 12, 1973

。Sept. 1991 – Jul. 1995:  Department of Physics, Zhejiang University, China.
B.S. in Condense Matter Physics, July 1995.
。Jul. 1995 – Feb. 2000:    Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ph.D. in Condense Matter Physics, February 2000, Advisor: Prof. E.G. Wang.

Research Experience:
。Apr. 2000 – Sept. 2004: Postdoc/Research Associate, Institute of Materials Research, Tohoku University, Japan
。Oct. 2004 – present: Professor, Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Science

Current Research Interest:
。New techniques and systems of STM, nc-AFM and integrated optical spectroscopy.
。Layered materials (Topological insulators, silicene): MBE growth and electronic properties studied by low temperature STM/STS.

Research Achievements
。First MBE growth of topological insulator Bi2Se3 thin films and transport studies.
。Experimental discovery of new 2D materials, including silicene and 2D boron (borophene).
。Published >90 peer review papers (1 Nat. Chem, 10 PRL, including 8 ESI "highly cited papers'), total SCI citation >2200.
。"Outstanding Scientific Achievement" awarded by CAS (2011)

Selected Corresponding-author Publications:
1. Rise of silicene: A competitive 2D material
Jijun Zhao, Hongsheng Liu, Zhiming Yu, Ruge Quhe, Si Zhou, Yangyang Wang, Cheng Cheng Liu, Hongxia Zhong, Nannan Han, Jing Lu, Yugui Yao and Kehui Wu
Progress in Materials Science 83, 24(2016) doi:10.1016/j.pmatsci.2016.04.001

2. Experimental realization of two-dimensional boron sheets
Baojie Feng, Jin Zhang, Qing Zhong, Wenbin Li, Shuai Li, Hui Li, Peng Cheng, Sheng Meng, Lan Chen & Kehui Wu
Nature Chemistry doi:10.1038/nchem.2491(2016)

3. Ordered and Reversible Hydrogenation of Silicene
Jinglan Qiu, Huixia Fu, Yang Xu, A. I. Oreshkin, Tingna Shao, Hui Li, Sheng Meng, Lan Chen and Kehui Wu
Physical Review Letters 114, 126101(2015)

4. Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Dynamic Phase Transition in Monolayer Silicene
Lan Chen, Hui Li, Baojie Feng, Zijing Ding, Jinglan Qiu, Peng Cheng, Kehui Wu and Sheng Meng
Physical Review Letters. 110, 085504 (2013) (citation: 104

5. Evidence for Dirac Fermions in a Honeycomb Lattice Based on Silicon,
Lan Chen, Cheng-Cheng Liu, Baojie Feng, Xiaoyue He, Peng Cheng, Zijing Ding, Sheng Meng, Yugui Yao, and Kehui Wu,
Physical Review Letters 109, 056804(2012) (citation: 306)

6. Evidence of Silicene in Honeycomb Structures of Silicon on Ag(111),
Baojie Feng, Zijing Ding, Sheng Meng, Yugui Yao, Xiaoyue He, Peng Cheng, Lan Chen, and Kehui Wu,
Nano Letters 12,3507(2012) (citation: 381)

7. Growth of topological insulator Bi2Se3 thin films on SrTiO3 with large gate-voltage-tunable chemical potential,
G.H. Zhang, H.J. Qin, J. Chen, X.Y. He, Y.Q. Li and K.H. Wu,
Adv. Func. Mater. 21, 2351(2011) (citaion: 53)

8. Gate-Voltage Control of Chemical Potential and Weak Anti-localization in Bi2Se3,
J. Chen, H. J. Qin, F. Yang, J. Liu, T. Guan, F. M. Qu, G. H. Zhang, J. R. Shi, X. C. Xie, C. L. Yang, K. H. Wu,Y. Q. Li, and L. Lu,
Physical Review Letters 105, 176602(2010) (citation: 293)

9. A laterally tunable plasmon resonance in supported bi-atomic-layer Ag nanodisks,
Huajun Qin, Yi Gao, Jing Teng, Hongxing Xu, Kehui Wu and Shiwu Gao
Nano Letters 10, 2961( 2010)

10. Quintuple-layer epitaxy of thin films of topological insulator Bi2Se3,
Guanhua Zhang, Huajun Qin, Jing Teng, Jiandong Guo, Qinlin Guo, Xi Dai, Zhong Fang, and Kehui Wu,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 95, 053114 (2009) (citation: 152)

11. Na adsorption on the Si(111)-(7x7): From two dimensional gas to nanocluster Array,
Kehui Wu, Y. Fujikawa, T. Nagao, Y. Hasegawa, K.S. Nakayama, Q. K. Xue, E. G. Wang, S. B. Zhang, T. Briere, V. Kumar, Y. Kawazoe, and T. Sakurai
Physical Review Letters. Vol. 91, No. 12, 126101(2003) (citation: 105)



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