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This guy who called Ma,Libo was born on Oct.15th,1978 in Linyi,Shandong Province. He is much skillful in football than in physics.
Sept 2001 - Present PhD Degree in Condensed Matter Physics,
  Institute of Physics, CAS.
Sept 1997 - July 2001 BS Degree in Physics, Shandong Normal Univ.
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2. L.B.Ma, R.Song, Y.M.Miao, C.R.Li, Y.Q.Wang, and Z.X.Cao,Blue-violet photoluminescence from amorphous Si-in-SiNx thin films with external quantum efficiency in percentages,Appl.Phys.Lett.88, 093102 (2006).  
3. L.B.Ma, C.Liu, Y.Q.Wang, Z.X.Cao, Low Temperature Growth of Amorphous Si Nanoparticles in Oxide Matrix for Efficient Visible Photoluminescence, JVST B 22, 2654(2004).  
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