ˇˇProf. Cao Zexian,born in 1966. he received his bachelor (1987) and master (1990) of physics degree at USTC (Hefei). In 1991, he was awarded a scholarship in frame of the Sino-German united program for the education of doctor in experimental physics, and he got the PhD degree in 1997 under Hans Oechsner at University Kaiserslautern. Later he spent one year as postdoctor in the institute of surface and thin film analysis (IFOS), Germany. With the financial support from the Volkswagen Foundation as an excellent stipendiary he joined the state key laboratory for surface physics, institute of physics, in 1998. In 1999 he was granted the ˇ°Hundred Talentsˇ± program. His main research interest includes mechanisms for film growth, synthesis of novel materials, surface analysis with electron spectroscopic and scanning probe microscopic techniques, atomic processes on surface and surface decoration, light-emitting nanostructures and devices, stress engineering on nonplanar surface, microstructure and quantum mechanics, etc. In the recent five years, he has published over 30 papers on international journals.