Accomplishments -- Selected Publications
Research Progress
Selected Publications
Wet-Chemistry-Assisted Nanotube-Substitution Reaction for High-Efficiency and Bulk-Quantity Synthesis of Boron- and Nitrogen-Codoped Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 133,13216 (2011) 2013-11-11
Evidence of Silicene in Honeycomb Structures of Silicon on Ag(111), Nano Letters 12, 3507 (2012) 2013-11-11
Fermi-level tuning of epitaxial Sb2Te3 thin films on graphene by regulating intrinsic defects and substrate transfer doping, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 108, 066809 (2012) 2013-11-11
Reversible Transition between Thermodynamically Stable Phases with Low Density of Oxygen Vacancies on the SrTiO3(110) Surface, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 107, 036103 (2011) 2013-11-11
Suppression of superconductivity by twin boundaries in FeSe, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 109, 137004 (2012) 2013-11-11
Turning on and off the Rotational Oscillation of a Single Porphine Molecule by Molecular Charge State, ACS NANO 6, 4132 (2012) 2013-11-11
Evidence for Dirac Fermions in a Honeycomb Lattice Based on Silicon, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 109, 056804 (2012) 2013-11-1
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