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Academic Steering Committee
Outstanding Researchers
Annual Report
  Academician, CAS
Dingsheng Wang Enge Wang (Currently at Peking Univ.) Qikun Que (Currently at Tsinghua Univ.)

  National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar
1995  Enge Wang (Currently at Peking Univ.) 
2003  Jinfeng Jia (Currently at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.) 
2008  Ke Xia (Currently at Beijing Normal Univ.)
2010  Xucun Ma
2013  Ke He
1996  Qikun Que (Currently at Tsinghua Univ.)
2007  Xuedong Bai 

2008  Shiwu Gao (Currently at Univ. of Gothenburg)
2012  Jiandong Guo

  Joint Research Fund for Overseas Chinese Young Scholars
1999  Zhengyu Zhang/Enge Wang 2001  Zhigang Shi/Qikun Que

  National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholar
2012  Sheng Meng 2013  Lan Chen   Wenlong Wang

  CAS "100-talent" Program
1995  Enge Wang (Currently at Peking University)
1998  Qikun Que (Currently at Tsinghua University)
2002  Ke Xia (Currently at Beijing Normal Univ.)
2004  Kehui Wu 
2009  Xinghua Lu  
2009  Sheng Meng
1998  Zexian Cao 
2000  Jinfeng Jia (Currently at Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ.)
2004  Shiwu Gao (Currently at Univ. of Gothenburg)
2005  Jiandong Guo 
2009  Wenjie Liang
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