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The State Key Laboratory for Surface Physics was founded in 1987 as one of the first ten state key laboratories in China. Prof. Xun Wang and Prof. Dingsheng Wang served the first term of the Academic Steering Committee Chair and Lab Director, respectively. Subsequent lab directors include Prof. Zhangda Lin, Prof. Enge Wang, Prof. Qikun Xue, and Prof. Shiwu Gao. The current Academic Steering Committee Chair is Prof. Qikun Xue and the Lab Director is Prof. Jiandong Guo. 

The Laboratory owns a young talented research team, including 20 faculty members, 2 post doctors and 46 graduate students. Our mission is to explore the fundamental aspects of novel phenomena at surfaces and interfaces, with a combination of atom-resolved experimental tools and first principle calculations. Our researches specialize in fabrication, characterization and functionalization of artificial materials with potential applications in information technology, energy and nano science. Current research activities include the controlled growth of low-dimensional nanomaterial with atomic precision, development of novel instruments with high resolution in multiple degrees of freedom, and investigation with such novel tools on the localized phenomena as well as their collective behaviors at surfaces and interfaces, effect of the microstructure on macroscopic properties, and dynamic behavior in excited electronic states. There are seven research groups in the Lab:

  •      Growth and transport of surface-based nanostructures
  •      Atomic Process on Surface and Film Growth
  •      Growth, atomic-level control and quantum effects of low dimensional nanostructures
  •      Detection, Control, and Dynamics of Single Molecules and Elementary Excitations
  •      The growth of low-dimensional oxide structures and their properties
  •      MBE growth of low dimensional materials and manipulation of their electronic properties
  •      Surface Excitation and Energy Conversion 

The Lab has been very active in undertaking major national scientific projects. Researchers have been in charge of several National Key Basic Research and Development Programs (the “973” projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China) or the sub-projects, the Major Research Equipment Development Project of Ministry of Finance (“Design and Fabrication of DUV Laser Assisted STM”), and Special Scientific Instrument Projects for Basic Research of Nature Science Foundation of China (“Design and Fabrication of in-situ TEM Opto-Electric Measurement System”, ”Design and Fabrication of Electron Spin Resonance STM”, and ”A novel high-resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy with energy/momentum two-dimensionally resolved”). 

Significant research progress has been made in the Lab and has attracted lots of attention worldwide. During the past five years, we have published more than 300 papers in international peer-reviewed journals and filed tens of patents. Precious prizes and honorary have been awarded to Lab members, including Outstanding Research Accomplishment by Chinese Academy of Sciences (2005), Humboldt Research Award by AvH Foundation (Prof. Enge Wang, 2006), Science and Technology Progress Award by Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (Prof. Qikun Xue, 2006; Prof. Enge Wang, 2010), and the election to the Academician of the Third World Academy of Sciences (Prof. Enge Wang, 2008). 

It is our high priority to provide all Lab researchers a first-class research platform and a harmonic environment for communications and collaborations, which as we believe are crucial for the growing research talents. Since the founding of Lab in 1987, three lab members (Dingsheng Wang, Qikun Xue and Enge Wang) have been elected to Chinese Academy of Sciences. In addition, Lab members have received eight National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholar, eleven “100-talent” Program, and one National Natural Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholar. 

Persistent efforts have been made in the Lab to promote worldwide collaborations in frontier scientific research fields and to stimulate research progresses in major national scientific projects. With the continuous advance in extensive academic exchanges and significant research progresses, the Lab has been one of the major bases for worldwide collaborations in the related field.

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